Kraken co-founder Jesse Powell criticized the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after they filed charges against the exchange, referring to them as the “USA’s top decel” in a tweet. The SEC accused Kraken of operating without proper registration and of commingling customer assets with company funds. Powell noted that Kraken had paid a $30 million fine to settle charges earlier this year, but that the SEC was back for more. The SEC also alleged that cryptocurrencies such as Cardano, Algorand, Cosmos, and Solana are securities. Kraken responded that they disagreed with the SEC’s assertions and plan to fight their position. Powell stepped down from CEO of Kraken in 2022 to focus more on the user experience and industry advocacy. After the previous SEC charges, Powell took to Twitter to express that the regulator had provided no guidance or assistance. #Kraken #Cryptocurrency #SEC #JessePowell

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Kraken Co-Founder Jesse Powell: SEC ‘USA’s Top Decel’

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