Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca announced on Monday the spin-off and launch of a new digital health company called Evinova. This company will operate independently within the AstraZeneca ecosystem, and is focused on enhancing healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and the overall efficiency of the healthcare system with technologies such as wearable devices, remote care and telemedicine, smartphone applications, and virtual or augmented reality. AstraZeneca believes that using AI to speed up the process of clinical trials can reduce the cost and time required to get a drug approved and reduce the rate of trials that fail. Evinova is backed by AstraZeneca, Parexel, and Fortrea, and is aiming to use AI to help design studies, automate cost calculations, and determine the feasibility of the trial. This is good news for the healthcare industry, as AI has the potential to diagnose and remove CNS tumors, and design novel immunotherapy to treat cancer cells. #AstraZeneca #Evinova #DigitalHealth #AIinMedicine

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Drug Giant AstraZeneca Launches Evinova to Quicken Clinical Trials

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