As NFT marketplace Blur sets its sights on a so-called Season 3 of rewards for traders, one JPEG flipper walked away with more than $8.4 million worth of airdropped BLUR tokens from Season 2. Factoring in how active the trader was, they were awarded 22.85 million BLUR tokens worth $7.3 million when claimed. The token has since risen in value, and Blur signaled that its upcoming rewards period will feel different thanks to the involvement of a new Ethereum layer-2 network, Blast. Those who deposit BLUR into the platform will receive 50% of the season’s rewards this time around. Notable trader Jeffrey Huang received 6 million BLUR tokens, worth around $2 million, in his airdrop. This is good news for traders and users of the platform as it presents them with an opportunity for potentially large rewards. #blur #nft #airdrop #ethereum

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Someone Got $8.4 Million in Blur NFT Marketplace’s Latest Airdrop

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