Recently elected Argentinian president Javier Milei has proposed the legalizing of the sale of human children, lowering the age of consent, and mandating forced labor in prisons, all while under the telepathic advice of his dead dog Conan. Despite this, numerous crypto heavyweights have publicly congratulated Milei on his shocking victory, focusing on his previous pro-Bitcoin statements. These crypto leaders hope that Milei will institute Bitcoin-friendly policies or even push Argentina to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, though he has not proposed any policies related to crypto. Milei’s campaign rhetoric championed ‘anarcho-capitalism’, which resonates with many in the crypto industry due to its connections with the libertarian movement. This has caused some crypto leaders to overlook or embrace the rest of Milei’s views. However, Milei has pledged to establish a nationwide camera surveillance network that utilizes facial recognition technology to track Argentine citizens, which goes against the core pillar of crypto’s value for many advocates. #Argentina #Crypto #Bitcoin #Politics

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