Nike has recently launched a public presale for its new RTFKT Dunk Genesis sneakers, which do not require an NFT to purchase. The sneakers have unique features like the “Vial Clip Tongue” and “Modular Heel Shield” mods that can be detached to customize the look. The sneakers also have an embedded near-field communication (NFC) chip, called the RTFKT World Merging chip, which lets the owner obtain a digital collectible if they choose to. This is a continuation of Nike’s foray into the NFT world following its 2021 acquisition of crypto startup RTFKT and several token-gated sneaker drops. This is good news for those who are interested in NFTs but do not have the means to purchase them. #Nike #RTFKTDunkGenesis #NFT #Sneakers

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: ‘Oops, You Stepped Into the Future’: Nike Drops Sneakers With NFTs

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