Some of the most prolific video game studios are using generative AI to automate the tedious elements of game design, like NPC dialogue and creating new levels of detail for in-game renderings—all in an effort to speed development and focus human talent on more important elements. Generative AI is artificial intelligence that can create new content—such as text, images, or music—using prompts. It learns from a large amount of data and uses that data to generate new, complementary content ranging from simple sentences to videos and complex works of art.

BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT has deployed its own internal AI tool, warning employees not to use third-party AI platforms to prevent the leak of confidential company data and IP. SQUARE ENIX has been looking at AI for a while now, and recently announced that it would sell several of its subsidiaries and the Tomb Raider franchise to Sweden-based Embracer Group AB, and use the funds to invest in artificial intelligence as well as Web3 games. They have also backed the AI startup Atlas, which uses generative AI to turn text and images into 3D worlds. The online gaming platform Roblox announced the launch of two new generative AI tools in February to streamline game creation. Ubisoft has created Ghostwriter, an AI tool that lets game developers generate first draft non-player character (NPC) dialogue, colloquially known as “barks”. Microsoft is adding an AI design copilot that adds generative AI features for Xbox game developers. NCSoft unveiled its digital human technology in a trailer for an upcoming game, and Nvidia released a demo of its NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games.

This article was first published on July 5, 2023 and most recently updated with new content on November 19.

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