WisdomTree has recently amended its Spot Bitcoin ETF filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to new documents. Indeed, the firm officially filed an amended Form S-1 Spot Bitcoin ETF prospectus on Thursday. Moreover, similar action has been taken by several firms seeking similar approval. WisdomTree had refiled its Bitcoin ETF application in June of this year. Additionally, the amended prospectus states that the WisdomTree Bitcoin Trust ETF would trade under a BTCW ticker symbol. Subsequentially, Coinbase Custody Trust would be the custodian that holds all of the Bitcoin on behalf of the trust. All but two of the 12 US firms filing for the ETF have not yet amended their S-1 forms. It is just a matter of time whether or not the SEC will break the trend and finally issue approval.

This news is good for those in the digital asset industry as it shows that WisdomTree is making progress to launch its Bitcoin ETF. The amended Form S-1 shows that the firm is still seeking to launch the ETF and is in dialogue with the SEC. However, it is still unclear when the SEC will break the trend and finally issue approval.

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