Discord has announced that it is sunsetting its Clyde AI chatbot in two weeks. Clyde was in beta for a small number of servers and was designed to allow Discord server members to get answers to questions without the intervention of a human moderator. The chatbot was one of thousands of bots active on Discord, which are often used to stream music, provide social media alerts, play games with friends, help individuals find jobs in the blockchain industry, and help Discord moderators verify if a member continues to hold the token or NFT necessary to retain membership in the community. Discord is also home to several AI art-generation communities and companies, such as Midjourney, LimeWire’s BlueWillow, Pika, and OpenAI’s Dall-E. Web3 game developers also utilize AI chatbots on Discord, such as Alchemy: Battle for Ankhos, which uses generative AI. The reason for phasing out Clyde is unknown. This is bad news for Discord users, as Clyde was a useful tool for getting answers without the help of a human moderator. #Discord #Clyde #AIBot #Chatbot #AIArt

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Clyde’s Last Call: Discord AI Chatbot Shutting Down on December 1

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