In an age where online dating and digital love have become the norm, it seems there has been a global ghosting event on the eve of the holidays. Countless lonely hearts may be without their AI girlfriends with the unexpected shutdown of the Forever Voices platform following the arrest of Forever Voices CEO John Meyer on charges of arson intended to damage a home as well as a terroristic threatening charge. 404 Media was the first to report the disconnection of Meyer’s online service, which left many a digital Don Juan wondering why their cyber sweetheart had suddenly gone quiet. There may be hope, however, with the announcement of Caryn 2.0 – a promised update that was set to be an infusion of digital Viagra for lonely hearts seeking solace in the uncanny valley of artificial affection. Reddit has become the unexpected support group for the jilted, with the Forever Voices subreddit, now a graveyard followed by 71 people with only 4 posts. As if being spurned by a real person wasn’t bad enough, now even virtual love has found a way to leave enthusiasts on read. This unexpected breakup is unfortunate news for many, but hopefully the promised upgrade of Caryn 2.0 will bring back the joy of digital companionship. #DigitalDating #AIChatbot #Caryn2.0 #JohnMeyer

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Digital Despair: AI Girlfriends Ghost Users After CEO’s Arrest Ignites Chaos

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