Solana (SOL) has recently seen a wild pump, doubling in value over the past month and hitting an 18-month high this week. Accompanying this surge is the rise of the network’s top NFT project, Mad Lads, which has seen a 100% price climb in the last seven days. The project’s floor price has jumped 122% over the week to 100 SOL, or about $5,750 at present, making it the most valuable Solana collection based on floor price and market cap. Mad Lads has registered the third-most trading volume of any NFT project over the last week, with about $6.9 million worth of trades. The main drivers of the price surge are excitement over Solana’s momentum and demand from buyers to be part of its top NFT collection, as well as exclusive early access to the upcoming Backpack exchange which received a license to operate in Dubai. #Crypto #NFT #Solana #MadLads #BackpackExchange

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