Snoop Dogg Announces He Is Giving Up Weed

Stoners worldwide received word Thursday of a shocking announcement that Snoop Dogg, patron saint of marijuana, said that he’s officially giving up weed. A bet on crypto predictions market Polymarket was opened just minutes after Snoop’s declaration, asking gamblers to wager on whether the entertainer will smoke again in 2023. Questions abound about what exactly Snoop meant by “smoke” and whether edibles and tinctures are absolved. DeFi oracle network UMA is tasked with resolving the Snoopgate bet.

This announcement is sure to elicit a variety of reactions from Snoop’s fans. The DeFi market isn’t sure if Snoop will stand by his statement and many gamblers are betting cryptocurrency on which way the hazy smoke will blow. It remains to be seen if Snoop will follow through with his promise and how his decision will be interpreted using the DeFi oracle network.

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