The world of Aurory just got a whole lot bigger with its latest Seekers of Tokane addition, bringing “roguelike” role-playing gameplay to the Pokémon-inspired fantasy battler—and the game is launching on the Epic Games Store, a major mainstream gaming marketplace. Seekers of Tokane launches in early access Thursday to Aurorian NFT holders, and access codes will be doled out for the broader community in the coming weeks. The expansion adds what the Aurory team calls “unlimited amounts” of different land to explore, where players can use their Nefties, or magical creatures, to battle other creatures found in the environment. This player-versus-environment (PVE) expansion is a first for the game, which is still in development but previously launched a limited version of its player-versus-player (PVP) Blitz Battles earlier this year. Aurory’s newest expansion also brings new features like an avatar customization system, more controls and “elements” added in PVP Blitz Battles, and a Neftie upgrading system called “The Amplifier.” While Aurory first launched its NFTs and AURY token on Solana, the team announced plans to expand to Ethereum Layer-2 network Arbitrum back in July. From a technical standpoint, Aurory is outgrowing its browser-based roots—and the team announced Wednesday that Seekers of Tokane will soon be available on the Epic Games Store. This is good news for those who are fans of roguelike RPGs, as the expansion will bring a procedurally generated land with an infinite amount of unique game worlds to explore. Players will be able to customize their avatars, have more control over their Nefties in Blitz Battles, and have a chance to upgrade their Nefties with The Amplifier. #Aurory #SeekersofTokane #EpicGamesStore #RPG

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