Crypto-enabled games saw continued growth last month, reaching one million daily unique active wallets (DUAWs) on multiple dates in October, according to a report published Thursday from DappRadar. In September, blockchain games collectively amassed more than one million DUAWs on three days. In October, blockchain games saw more than one million DUAWs on four days, according to a chart from the crypto data firm, as the overall daily average appeared to tick up gradually over the course of the month.

Malicious actors might deploy bots in blockchain games to automate and multiply their token rewards without having to “grind” or actually play the game for hours on end. In the past month, games like Alien Worlds, Sweat Economy, SecondLive, Splinterlands, and Battle Left Center Right (BLCR) registered the highest numbers of daily unique active wallets, according to DappRadar’s report.

Developing a system that is better & more fair than the current ban/appeal system we have for bot prevention / detection is currently in the works, according to Pixels’ founder Luke Barwikowski. In the meantime, gaming research and consulting firm Naavik argued in a lengthy Alien Worlds blog post last year that unique wallet figures in general are “prone to bots,” and that any UAW numbers should be “taken with a pinch of salt.”

DappRadar’s report release coincided with broad discussion on social media of how valuable (or not) such figures are, and whether they paint a realistic picture of the kind of demand seen for blockchain games. It’s nearly impossible to determine exactly how much of that activity was real, individual human users—and how many are bots on the blockchain.

This news indicates that there is continued growth in the blockchain gaming industry, with multiple games reaching the one million daily unique active wallets mark. These numbers could be inflated due to the presence of bots, however, making it difficult to determine the authenticity of the user activity. Developers are working on countermeasures to prevent the use of bots, and gaming research and consulting firm Naavik suggests that transaction volume is a better metric to gauge authentic user activity.

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