G2A, a popular website for buying digital keys for video games and other software, has launched a blockchain gaming marketplace called G2A Geekverse. It offers a curated selection of gaming NFTs from “trusted business partners” without charging any transaction fees on NFT sales. G2A plans to expand supported blockchains, enable fiat payments, and provide tools to help partners promote their NFT collections. G2A Geekverse will have to compete with other crypto-native NFT marketplaces, but its more mainstream platform may appeal to those not already familiar with blockchain gaming and NFTs. This is good news for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike, as G2A Geekverse aims to provide a secure and reliable marketplace for all of their blockchain gaming needs. #G2AGeekverse #BlockchainGaming #NFTs #CryptoEnthusiasts

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Gaming Keys Giant G2A Launches ‘Geekverse’ NFT Marketplace

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