Animoca Brands and nWay’s Wreck League might be the NFT fighting game you’ve been waiting for—as long as you don’t get “rekt” by Ethereum transaction fees. Decrypt’s GG playtested the NFT game version of Wreck League, which is currently available in early access. Wreck League is already off to a solid start for a pre-release game, offering a simple yet satisfying core fighting loop that can appeal to both casual and competitive players. NWay VP of Creative Steve Kuroki told Decrypt that Wreck League will eventually release via two separate versions of the game: One for NFT buyers that has a focus on tournaments, while a second edition offers no crypto integrations whatsoever. Wreck League’s early access version has a sparse interface with just a few game modes, but once you’re in battle, you’ll find that the fighting gameplay requires lots of practice, knowledge of enemy abilities, and a fast reaction time to win matches. Assembly of mech parts is a relatively easy and straightforward experience, but unfortunately you will have to pay Ethereum mainnet transaction fees (gas fees ) a few times. This can be costly. Wreck League’s core game loop—the player versus player (PVP) 1v1 mech battles—is already solid and lots of fun. The rounds feel like just the right length to allow for some satisfying fights without dragging on for too long. Depending on the mech parts used, each mech will have slightly different stats and abilities. Right now in its early access stage, Wreck League is a pretty simple and straightforward fighting game that might be better suited as a mobile game than a PC title. While the mech NFT parts are not necessarily expensive individually, the sheer cost of Ethereum gas fees could keep some players from trying the game. Wreck League’s developers have already laid a solid foundation for a fighting game and this title has potential for both casual players and a more competitive scene. Wreck League’s flashy animations and exciting mid-fight cinematics are sure to draw in players who love colorful fighting games—and customizable NFTs. This is good news for those looking for a new and exciting NFT fighting game. Wreck League is off to a solid start in its early access version, offering a simple yet satisfying core fighting loop that can appeal to both casual and competitive players. However, the sheer cost of Ethereum gas fees could be a barrier for some players. #WreckLeague #NFT #Crypto #Ethereum

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