Avalon, an online gaming startup, has unveiled the first trailer for its upcoming metaverse game. Led by game industry veterans with a $13 million raise from investors, the fantasy game uses blockchain tech and AI tools. Avalon collaborates with Didimo’s Popul8 platform for character creation and Inworld AI’s advanced AI-driven character engine to create characters and NPCs. In Avalon, players traverse a virtual universe through portals that can rapidly take them from one world to another, while AI-powered game mechanics keep the game fair. A playable beta test for Avalon will drop in 2024, with a full release in 2025. Avalon also has a monetization feature for developers and strives for diversity in gaming. Underpinning Avalon is blockchain technology, which gives players ownership over the items they earn and buy. Avalon joins an increasingly crowded AI-powered game industry, with Microsoft partnering with Inworld AI to create an AI toolkit for Xbox game developers. #Avalon #Metaverse #Blockchain #AI #Gaming

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