Tech giant Google filed a lawsuit on Monday in a U.S. District Court in San Jose, California, against entities it claims attempted to use copyright laws and the hype around artificial intelligence to scam the public on Facebook. According to court documents, the scammers used social media and fake ads that used Google’s logo to trick unsuspecting victims into downloading malware under the pretext of downloading the latest version of Bard, Google’s flagship artificial intelligence platform. Google said the scammers advertised themselves as “Google AI,” “AIGoogle,” “AiGoogle,” “AIGoogle.Plus,” “AIGoogle Bard FB,” “AIGoogleBard” on Facebook. The lawsuit was filed, Google said, to disrupt the scheme, raise public awareness, and stop the scammers from causing further harm. Instead of running Bard, victims would run an installer for malicious code. According to Google, while they do not know the identity of the individuals involved, the scammers appear to be based in Vietnam and behind a “prevalent” malware campaign to steal social media credentials with servers in Los Angeles, California. Because of the rapid advances in artificial intelligence, cybercriminals have utilized the technology to create more sophisticated online scams. Google has filed a lawsuit against entities attempting to scam the public on Facebook using artificial intelligence and copyright laws. The scammers used fake ads and Google’s logo to trick victims into downloading malware. Google is taking legal action to disrupt the scheme, raise public awareness, and prevent further harm. This is good news as it shows that Google is taking steps to protect consumers and small businesses from online scams. #Google #Scams #AI #CyberSecurity

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