Say goodbye to typing and say hello to thinking. Neural tech company Unbabel gave an astonishing live demonstration of its Project Halo at the Web Summit conference, which aims to enable silent, thought-based communication between humans and machines. Project Halo combines a non-invasive neural interface with generative AI to transform patterns of bioelectrical signals into language. Unbabel’s CEO Vasco Pedro showed how Project Halo allows users to receive a message narrated via earbuds, then send a reply completely silently by simply thinking about what they want to say. Potential use cases range from mundane scenarios like replying to texts in a dark movie theater to giving people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) the ability to communicate via text or audio notes. Pedro showed a heartwarming example of how Project Halo enabled a patient with ALS to communicate his lunch order to his wife silently. Unbabel isn’t the first mind-reading AI, but the key differentiator of Project Halo is its ability to read minds and generate natural language responses. The model also processes around 15 words per minute, which is a major improvement compared to legacy methods. Project Halo is currently in the early stages, but the company expects to launch it commercially in 2024. The goal is to make AI for good and to enable everyone to communicate in every language. #ProjectHalo #Communication #AIforGood #Unbabel

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Mind-Reading AI Turns Thoughts Into Text, Gives ALS Patient His Voice Back

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