AI developer startup, Humane, officially launched the first iteration of its wearable AI pin on Thursday, with a price point of $699 for the complete system. The product has investments from and design collaborations with Microsoft, OpenAI, T-Mobile, TIDAL, and others. The AI pin works by users talking directly to the device or using a laser ink display to interact with it. It comes with a “Catch Me Up” feature that sorts through emails and messages, a language interpreter, photo mode, and a voice-to-text feature that lets users compose messages using their voice. Supermodel Naomi Campbell wore the Humane AI pin during Paris Fashion Week in September.

Veteran tech journalist Om Malik commented that the push towards smaller, more personal AI to help manage the digital world has been around for decades, but with the proliferation of technology, it can be difficult to contextualize everything and deal with distractions. Companies like StarVR, Actronika, and Ultraleap are also developing headgear and haptic vests to bring physical sensations to online interactions, while companies like Meta and Rewind are developing personal AI assistants.

Skeptics may worry about the AI pin listening and recording everything they say or do, but Humane says it is designed to be activated only when the user engages with the device and that it does not employ “wake words”. Malik urged caution when using the AI pin, noting that Humane’s biggest challenge is privacy and that he is not 100% convinced by their claims.

This news marks the beginning of a new chapter in AI-powered personal technology, and companies are beginning to develop more immersive and wearable technology to help people manage the digital world. However, users should exercise caution when engaging with the AI pin and understand the potential privacy risks.

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