Courtyard, a collectible card vaulting platform, is giving away hundreds of mystery card packs containing tokenized Pokémon cards. Each digital pack will contain an NFT tied to one graded Pokémon card, which can then be traded or redeemed for the physical version. From November 14 to 17, 100 packs will be given away per day for a total of 400 packs. The collection is being released as an early Thanksgiving gift and includes vintage and modern cards, as well as promo cards. Tokenization and NFTs are used to create digital scarcity and a unique identifier, allowing Courtyard to offer tokenized versions of actual Pokémon cards as certificates of authenticity. Courtyard raised $7 million in seed funding from investors last year. This is good news for Pokémon card collectors, as they have the opportunity to receive a free pack containing tokenized cards. #PokemonCards #NFT #Tokenization #CryptoNews

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Want Free Rare Pokémon Cards? Courtyard Is Giving Them Away via NFTs

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