Following a string of positive developments for the firm, Ripple (XRP) has unveiled a new payment platform for unlicensed corporate clients. Indeed, the services are set to help these entities that have not obtained a money transmitter license. Additionally, Ripple announced that it is engaging in a new partnership with an African financial tech company. Specifically, the partnership will give customers the ability to make crypto payments between Africa and other regions.

Ripple has now unveiled a brand new payment platform for corporate clients who do not have money transmitter licenses. Specifically, the aptly named Ripple Payments platform is set to aid US corporate clients with cross-border payment necessities. Ripple’s Payment Products Head Brendan Berry said that the platform abstracts all the complexities associated with digital assets and blockchain, allowing customers to start sending payments immediately.

These announcements have come amidst a massive Ripple event taking place in Dubai. This event has showcased the excitement of the product offering and partnership between Ripple and Onafriq, a financial tech company in Africa.

This is undoubtedly great news for Ripple, as it continues to build its presence in Africa and beyond. #Ripple #XRP #RipplePayments #RippleInAfrica

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