The Lightning Network is coming to El Salvador. Bitcoin ATM providers Athena and Genesis Coin announced plans to install the technology on 100 machines across the country by the end of June, with the remaining machines installed by the first quarter of 2024. Lightning is a second-layer solution that allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency quickly and cheaply. The move is intended to allow Salvadorans to keep more money in their pocket and enable smaller and potentially more frequent transactions. El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender in 2021, with citizens being gifted $30 in Bitcoin. Despite the popularity of President Bukele, Bitcoin has not taken off in the country as much as expected. This news could be a positive step towards increasing adoption of the cryptocurrency in El Salvador. #LightningNetwork #BitcoinATM #ElSalvador #CryptoAdoption

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Bitcoin ATMs in El Salvador are Getting a Lightning Network Upgrade

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