The artistic duo LoVid, comprised of Tali Hinkis and Kyle Lapidus, has been exploring the intersection of art and technology since 2000. Recently, they have been experimenting with blockchain technology and generative code, such as their on-chain generative work, “Tide Predictor”, and participated in MoMA Postcard, a modern art museum’s first-ever interactive NFT-backed project. After two decades of making art and raising children together, LoVid has a lot to say about art, lettuce, and Miami. Watch their interview below to find out more.

This is great news for fans of LoVid, as it provides insight into their artistic and personal approach to art and technology. It also provides a glimpse into the potential of blockchain technology and generative code in the art world, offering exciting new ways for artists to express themselves. #LoVid #ArtAndTechnology #Blockchain #GenerativeCode #MoMAPostcard

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