The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has expressed its concern that artificial intelligence (AI) could accelerate the proliferation of illegal schemes and scams online, and is taking action to prevent this from happening. The FTC has decades of experience applying its authority to new and rapidly developing technologies, and recently took moves against Amazon for allegedly using private data in training its algorithms. The FTC is hosting a roundtable discussion with writers, artists, voice actors, and software developers to discuss generative AI and its impact on their industries. They are voicing concerns about their work being used without their consent for training generative AI. The FTC is also concerned about potential harm to consumers, workers, and small businesses from the manner in which companies are developing and releasing generative AI tools. Cybersecurity firm SlashNext has reported that email phishing attacks have increased 1,265% since the launch of ChatGPT last fall. The FTC says it will work vigorously to protect Americans from deceptive and unfair practices. #AI #FTC #GenerativeAI #Security

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: FTC Stakes Out Regulatory Role Over AI, Warning It May ‘Turbocharge’ Scams

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