Elon Musk reaffirmed that his neurological company Neuralink is working on a chip designed to help the visually impaired, responding to a parent on Twitter who shared his son’s struggle with a rare eye condition. Musk said Neuralink’s work on supplementing or supplanting eyesight is coming—after its current work on assisted motor control. In September, Neuralink received FDA approval to begin human clinical trials of its brain chip technology. After receiving the green light from the FDA, Neuralink put out a call for volunteers to join the study. Despite Musk’s optimistic update, Neuralink has years of catching up to do with fellow brain interface company Synchron, which received its FDA approval for human clinical trials in August 2020. Other research highlighting the rapid advances in neuroscience, in August, researchers at Northwell Health’s Feinstein Institutes in New York implanted microchips into the brain of Keith Thomas, a person with quadriplegia due to a car accident. This is good news, as Neuralink’s chip could potentially provide a solution for those with impaired vision. Elon Musk’s company is working on a vision chip, which is expected to be ready in a few years. The company has already received FDA approval for human clinical trials, and has put out a call for volunteers. #Neuralink #VisionChip #ElonMusk #BrainChip

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