Chainlink, a platform compatible with Ethereum and renowned for facilitating decentralized oracles, has been making significant progress in the cryptocurrency market. Currently, the native asset of the network, LINK, is experiencing a trading range above $12. LINK recently surged following its recent collaboration with Vodafone, but has since slumped in the last 24 hours. LINK has demonstrated remarkable performance throughout this year, recording an impressive 67.3% increase in its price. Cryptocurrency experts at Changelly have given their price prediction for Chainlink for mid-November, forecasting a minimum of $12.59 and a maximum of $17.28, with an average price of $14.93.

This is good news for those who have invested in LINK, as the price of the asset is expected to reach double-digit values. Although the price is still -75% below its all-time high, this is an encouraging sign for the potential of the asset.

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