On Tuesday, Bitcoin Ordinals saw its highest transaction volume since May, with $14.7 million worth of assets traded. This surge is due to the launch of Ordinals, a protocol that lets people assign data to individual satoshis, as well as the recent support from cryptocurrency exchange OKX and the leading exchange Binance. The BRC-20 token, ORDI, on Binance has seen its price double since its launch, and Binance’s move has “sent everything flying” in the Ordinals sphere. The NFT market is also showing signs of life, with trading volume hitting a three-month high the day after a segment about NFTs aired on The Simpsons. The momentum of Ordinals was bolstered in the first half of this year by fervor for BRC-20s, and that continues to be the case. #Bitcoin #Ordinals #NFTs #CryptoExchanges

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