Luxury phone manufacturer Vertu has launched its Metavertu II Web3 smartphone, starting at a mere $5,100 for the base model. The phone caters to a wealthy class of crypto-rich individuals, featuring a built-in crypto wallet and a dedicated, decentralized operating system for running dapps, in addition to the standard Android OS. It also offers a range of luxury materials such as sapphire screens, titanium frames, and precious metal customization. The phone also features an I-DID identity system that links the phone’s IMEI number to the user’s decentralized identifiers (DID) and an “unhackable” secure element chip. Vertu’s CEO Gary Chan has expressed concerns around the “extreme centralization” of AI tools trained on big data, but believes Web3’s digital sovereignty can help to address this. #LuxuryPhone #Web3Smartphone #MetavertuII #CryptoRich

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Vertu’s Luxury Crypto Phone is ‘Passport to the Web3 World’: CEO

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