During the inaugural OpenAI Develop Day on Monday, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced several upgrades to its existing products, including the latest version of ChatGPT, GPT-4 Turbo. GPT-4 Turbo has a 128K context window, expanded knowledge up to April 2023, and lower prices for inputs and outputs. It also includes a new feature called JSON mode, and a text-to-speech AI assistant that lets users say what they want ChatGPT to do, and the chatbot will respond and mimic human voices. OpenAI also introduced tools that would allow for better fine-tuning for developers, which lets businesses tailor their GPT-4 experience to their needs without having to build an entirely new model. Additionally, they rolled out prompt-based GPT development, and Copyright Shield to protect developers from copyright infringement claims. This is good news, as this means developers can make more use out of GPT-4 and OpenAI’s other tools, while being protected from any legal claims. #OpenAi #ChatGPT #GPT-4 #GPT-4Turbo #CopyrightShield

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