It hasn’t been a great year for Caroline Ellison. In just 12 months, the former Alameda Research CEO lost her crypto empire, pled guilty to seven federal counts of fraud and conspiracy, and testified publicly—in excruciating detail—against her one-time lover and former boss, FTX co-founder and ex-CEO Sam Bankman-Fried. Now, as the one-year anniversary of FTX and Alameda’s seismic collapse nears, eager Reddit users have discovered a resurfaced clip of the hit children’s television show “Arthur” that appears to feature an eight-year-old Ellison. The response, predictably, has been ruthless.

The clip, which reportedly dates from 2003, shows a short-haired, bespectacled elementary schooler named Caroline introducing audience members to Maria L. Baldwin School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where students are discussing their favorite scary stories. Ellison, who appears to resemble the young child, lived in the area at the time, and would have been starting fourth grade when the segment aired.

Over the weekend, members of the notorious Reddit page Wall Street Bets delighted in unpacking the video, which originally surfaced in April—tying the young girl’s thoughts on spooky tales and fear to Ellison’s eventual role in the FTX saga.

Many other Wall Street Bets commenters seized on the appearance of the eight-year-old child, whose short, curly hairdo appeared, to them, as a dead ringer for what would later become Bankman-Fried’s own signature, unkempt hairstyle.

Though Ellison has never publicly commented on the “Arthur” clip or confirmed her involvement with the show—she likely has other things on her mind, such as whether she’s about to go to federal prison for the next 110 years—a blog connected to the disgraced crypto executive has plenty to say on the subject of elementary school.

In the immediate aftermath of FTX’s collapse last November, a viral clip of Ellison began circulating, in which the then-crypto mogul bragged that she mainly relied on “elementary school math” in her job. Weeks later, Ellison would go on to confess to federal prosecutors that she facilitated the theft of billions of dollars worth of funds from FTX customer accounts to keep crypto trading firm Alameda afloat.

Elementary school is not the only frontier on which the Ellison-linked Tumblr blog discussed matters such as race and diversity. The blog’s author repeatedly showcased an interest in the discredited fields of race science and eugenics, which, once favored by Nazis, have more recently been endorsed by members of the alt-right.

This is bad news for Caroline Ellison, who is facing some serious consequences for her alleged involvement in a crypto fraud scheme. Reddit users have discovered a resurfaced clip from the hit children’s television show “Arthur”, which appears to feature an eight-year-old Ellison. Despite Ellison not making an official comment about it, a blog linked to her has a lot to say about elementary school, race, and diversity. #CryptoFraud #CarolineEllison #FTX #ArthurTVShow #SECInvestigation

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