The latest episode of “The Simpsons” took a jab at NFTs in front of millions of viewers, but before they became a viral television punchline, the show released two NFTs that fans could purchase and trade. Offered through Disney and the digital collectibles marketplace VeVe, “The Simpsons” immortalized Bart and Homer, and the long-time ne’er-do-well’s skateboard, as NFTs. These collectibles sold out globally for $60 apiece and came with a 3-month subscription to Disney+. The writers of “The Simpsons” appear to be standout skeptics of the technology, as the episode that aired Sunday featured Marge having to kill off several NFTs. VeVe took notice of the reference and responded on Twitter. The Homer & Bart NFT was limited to 12,333 in terms of total supply, while the Skateboard was relatively scarce at just 6,333 NFTs. Both sold out in the initial sale, generating over $1.1 million worth of revenue. VeVe has also offered digital collectibles from other big-name brands, such as DC Comics and Warner Bros. It also announced a shift to the Ethereum layer-2 scaling network Immutable X in 2021. Further, the company offered digital collectibles for “Sesame Street” in March, which are only available through its mobile app. However, the episode’s closing remarks signaled the end could be near for NFTs as real-world sales start to increase. This news indicates that “The Simpsons” is skeptical of NFTs, and that they were successful in their initial offering. This could be both good and bad news, depending on one’s opinion of NFTs. #NFTs #TheSimpsons #DisneyPlus #VeVe #CryptoNews

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