Over half a million dollars in Bitcoin has been stolen after a fake Ledger crypto wallet management app was downloaded from the Microsoft App Store and used by unsuspecting customers. On Saturday, Blockchain analyst ZachXBT first posted on Twitter that hackers had made away with 16.8 Bitcoin—today worth $587,238—due to people downloading the malicious app. Since then, he added, over $180,000 in Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain has been stolen, bringing the total value of lost crypto to $767,238. Microsoft has since removed the fake app from the store. Ledger is a major hardware wallet company, but to use its products, users need to download an app to their computer. Counterfeit or malicious apps are nothing new and have been an issue for Microsoft for over a decade. The number of hacks in the crypto space has rocketed this year, with sophisticated cyber criminals targeting major crypto brands and wallets. Ledger had also not responded to Decrypt’s questions by the time this story was published. This news is bad for the crypto community, as it shows that cyber criminals are continuing to target unsuspecting investors and take advantage of their lack of knowledge. It is important for crypto investors to remain vigilant and double check all wallets and apps they download to ensure their assets are secure.

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