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Animoca Brands-owned Blowfish Studios is building a space mech pilot game called Phantom Galaxies. Blowfish Cofounder Ben Lee tells Decrypt’s Kate Irwin about his plans for the game’s release.

Lee’s plans include releasing two versions of the game, one for a traditional audience and one for a crypto audience. The crypto version will include blockchain-based assets, and will be released through Animoca Brands’ Starkware platform. The traditional version will be released on traditional platforms and will feature some exclusive rewards for players.

Lee also discussed the game’s monetization strategy, which includes in-game purchases, exclusive rewards for players, and the sale of digital assets. He believes that the combination of these elements will create an engaging and rewarding gaming experience for players.

The two versions of the game are intended to reach different audiences and promote wider adoption of blockchain-based gaming. By releasing a traditional version of the game, Lee hopes to draw in players who might not otherwise be interested in crypto. By releasing a crypto version, he hopes to engage those who may be interested in blockchain-based games.

The release of two versions of Phantom Galaxies is an exciting development for the gaming industry, and one that could lead to wider adoption of blockchain-based gaming. It is a move that could benefit both traditional and crypto gamers, and could open up new possibilities for gaming experiences.

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