Benjamin “Bitboy” Armstrong has filed yet another lawsuit against some of his former colleagues and affiliates last week, accusing them of racketeering and the unlawful stealing of his Lamborghini. The complaint names six defendants: Hit Network CEO Timothy Shedd Jr., Hit Network CFO Timothy Shedd Sr., Voomio CEO Justin Williams, Hit Network show regular Allison Fiveash, Hit Network Head of Content Nickolas Dimondi, and company affiliate Carlos Diaz. Armstrong also alleges that Diaz made verbal threats toward him and his wife and refused to return the car. More than six legal complaints involving Armstrong have been filed in Georgia within the past four months. The county clerk confirmed that the other cases are still pending. This is yet another development in an ongoing legal battle between Armstrong and his former colleagues.

This is bad news for Benjamin Armstrong and his ongoing legal battle with his former colleagues. He is accusing them of racketeering and theft, and has filed multiple lawsuits against them in the past four months. The court is currently looking into the cases. #LegalBattle #Racketeering #Theft #CryptoNews

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