Earn a free on-chain NFT by taking Decrypt’s free course, Crypto Investing : Fundamentals First. Decrypt will cover gas fees for the first 10,000 mints! Fundamental analysis eschews the analysis of price charts (technical analysis) by looking at a broad set of indicators as well as some well reasoned — but somewhat subjective — judgements of industry analysts. When it comes to stock investing, metrics to consider include: the outlook of the industry (where the stock is), the state of the economy in general (bullish or bearish), the performance of the stock in question (earnings per share, profitability, and so on), and the quarterly and annual reports given by the company in question. When it comes to crypto, many of these sectors are expected to gain market share from centralized alternatives. For example, the cloud storage market is expected to surpass $300 billion by 2028, while the crypto sector’s decentralized storage market is currently valued at around $4.75 billion. Fundamental analysts in the crypto sector must rely on different data sets and qualitative measures such as the core team, early investors, the whitepaper, previous project accomplishments, and the trajectory of the upcoming roadmap — and their chances of success. Knowing the core concepts about fundamental analysis can help you make more informed investing decisions. This may allow you to understand the rationale of price predictions given by experts — or to even make your own rough estimations on future price movements. The crypto market is still very volatile, so it is important to read and listen to the fundamental analysis of crypto experts and analysts. #CryptoInvesting #PricePredictions #FundamentalAnalysis #CryptoFundamentalAnalysis

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