In an interview at TwitchCon Las Vegas, Twitch Senior Director of Community Marketing and Production Mary Kish told Decrypt that the biggest difference between the streaming platform and rising rival Kick is that Twitch is safer than its Stake-funded rival. Twitch CEO Dan Clancy announced that streamers could now simulcast to any number of platforms without being demonetized or losing their “affiliate” or “partner” status on Twitch. Kish credited Clancy for the new, more open policy. Twitch has developed new features to help streamers prevent and combat “targeted attacks”, and has broad policies on hateful conduct. Twitch appears to be moving forward with a safety-first approach and allowing streamers to explore other platforms. #Twitch #TwitchCon #Simulcasting #SafetyFirst

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Twitch Is ‘Safest’ Platform for Streamers Says Exec as Rival Kick Gains Steam

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