Gamers are up in arms again, this time over the use of AI voices in the upcoming first-person shooter The Finals. Several actors who lend their voices to video games are protesting the decision, which arose after a podcast featuring Andreas Almström, audio director of The Finals creator Embark Studios, who said they used AI in creating most of the voices in the game. Advances in generative AI have brought the technology into several industries, including gaming, but the strategy has proven controversial. Voice actors have been vocal in their criticism, while some don’t feel threatened by the new technology. In some cases, AI is the best way to retain human voices in a project, as seen with CD Project Red’s use of Respeecher to recreate and record new dialogue for the Cyberpunk 2077 and Phantom Liberty ripperdoc Viktor Vektor. This is an example of AI being used ethically and artistically, and voice actors are encouraging developers to consider the use of voice in their games as more than just an “asset” in the pipeline of agile development.

This is potentially bad news for voice actors, though some don’t feel threatened by the new technology. Developers should consider the ethical and artistic implications of using AI, while also striving to recognize the work of voice actors in credits. #AI #VoiceActing #Ethics #Gaming #VoicesInVideoGames

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Voice Actors Slam ‘The Finals’ for Using AI Instead of Real People

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