Chain of Alliance, a blockchain-powered RPG, has released its Alpha 3.0 update, introducing a range of new features such as leaderboards, rewards, species and classes. Players now have access to daily quests, a new Assassin class and a Shadeborn species, which can deliver two consecutive attacks. Leaderboards reflect players’ performance and rewards are offered at the end of each season. The game focuses on players creating and managing NFT characters with distinct attributes, and features activities such as creating skins and story-driven campaigns. Players have full control over their digital assets, and the upcoming $COA token will play a pivotal role in connecting the game with other titles. Chain of Alliance seeks to bridge the worlds of traditional RPG gamers and Web3 enthusiasts by providing an easy onboarding experience. #ChainofAlliance #RPG #NFT #Web3 #CryptoNews

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