Speculation over a potential approval of a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) has apparently propelled the wider crypto market upward over the past week—but several gaming and metaverse tokens have seen some of the largest gains amongst major cryptocurrencies, rebounding to claim sizable double-digit percentage boosts over the past week. GALA, the token of the Gala Games ecosystem, has been the biggest gainer amongst major gaming tokens over the past week, rising 42% to a current price of $0.02 per token according to CoinGecko. Another big winner in the gaming space over the past seven days is AXS, the governance token of play-to-earn monster-battling game, Axie Infinity. AXS has jumped 28% over the past week to a current price of $5.76, as of this writing, and nearly touched $6.00 earlier Monday. ApeCoin (APE)—the Ethereum-based token of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem—is up about 20% over the past week to a current price of $1.36. And The Sandbox’s SAND token is up almost 15% this past week to a current price of $0.35. Compare those to Bitcoin, which is up 10% over the last seven days at a price of about $34,330. Gala Games is the publisher of numerous NFT-based video games, including Champions Arena and the upcoming Mirandus and The Walking Dead: Empires.

This news is good news for the crypto market as a whole, as crypto tokens have seen a resurgence in the past week, due to speculation over the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF. This is likely due to the recent release of Legacy, a business simulator game from 22Cans, a studio formed by legendary developer Peter Molyneux.

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