Stock image library site Shutterstock is joining the growing list of image providers turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to stem the tide of unauthorized AI-generated images. On Thursday, Shutterstock announced the integration of a new generative AI tool called Creative AI into its library of over 700 million images, allowing users to create customized AI-generated works that are appropriately licensed. Creative AI leverages technology developed by OpenAI, allowing users to generate new images and edit and change images already in the Shutterstock library. The recently launched AI image generator feature includes the latest version of OpenAI’s Dall-E. New features in Creative AI include Magic Brush, which allows image edits by brushing and describing desired changes; variations, which can generate alternative versions of stock or AI images; and image expansion, which can broaden the scene as if zooming out. Shutterstock said its AI image generator produces content “ready for licensing and indemnifiable for commercial use,” and contributors to the platform’s library of content have been compensated for their work. Last month, rival image library Getty Images announced the launch of a “safe” generative AI tool trained on its extensive library of images that the company said is commercially safe for use. Earlier this month, Australia-based digital design platform Canva partnered with Runway to add AI-video generation to its suite of tools the company called Magic Studio.

Shutterstock is using AI technology to create a library of images that are appropriately licensed, and contributors to the platform’s library of content have been compensated for their work. Rivals Getty Images and Canva have also launched similar services, with Creative AI and Magic Studio respectively. This is good news for the digital design world, as these tools will allow users to create customized AI-generated works quickly and easily.

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