Astronomers at Northwestern University have published a study in the journal Nature which reports on two surveys of the layers and core of Mars. The results show the liquid iron-nickel core is surrounded by a layer of “soft, essentially molten rock” about 150 kilometers thick. The study was conducted as a part of the NASA InSight rover mission, which used seismological studies to collect data on “marsquakes” and the effects of meteorite impacts. The mission is attempting to gain insight on the formation and evolution of Mars as a planet. The marsquakes are less frequent and smaller in magnitude than those on Earth, so they should not hamper surface exploration of Mars when humans eventually land on the planet. Northwestern University has also been conducting experiments on and around Mars, and researchers are not concerned about leaving behind space junk. The fascination with Mars also touches on our desire to know if we are truly alone in the universe. #Mars #Astronomy #Nature #NASAInSight

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: The Insides of Mars Is ‘Surprisingly Soft’, A New Survey Says

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