The second Future Fashion Summit took place in Paris last week, aiming to connect luxury fashion houses with digital brands and platforms through debate and stimulating conversation. It played out over two panels, plus a fireside chat between myself and The Sandbox co-founder Sébastien Borget. The day’s broader theme was reconciling digital and physical craftsmanship—how the two metiers can exist concurrently, each adding value to the other. This included technology as a means to democratize fashion and enhance experience, alongside being a tool for customer relationship management, shifting from mobile devices to wearables, and AR experiences. Panelists discussed the challenges of developing technologies, and how brands can use them for marketing and loyalty rewards. The summit was curated by Holly Wood Labs and creative directed by 300-year-old physical brand Kosta Boda.

This news is a positive development for fashion brands, as it shows that they are investing in new technologies and ways to engage with customers. It is important for the industry to keep up with new developments in technology, in order to remain relevant and competitive. #FashionTech #LuxuryFashion #DigitalBrands #ARExperience #HollyWoodLabs

You can read more about this topic here: Decrypt: Future Fashion Summit Connects Luxury Houses, Digital Platforms in Paris

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