Popular memecoins haven’t been left out of the latest rally alongside heavyweight assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Topping the list is the frog-themed Pepecoin, which has enjoyed an overnight rally of almost 14%. PEPE is still worth fractions of a penny, trading at $0.00000120 per CoinGecko. Over the week, the cryptocurrency has soared a whopping 90% since last Thursday. Pepecoin is based on the Pepe the Frog meme created by artist Matt Furie, who issued a series of NFTs to “mark territory with Pepe”. One investor even turned $250 into $1 million in just four days. Dogecoin has risen double-digits since yesterday, reaching $0.73, and Shiba Inu has jumped 7% overnight. However, all of these assets are still miles off from their all-time highs, needing an 87-90% rise to reclaim their previous highs. This news is a reminder to always exercise caution when making investments. #cryptocurrency #memecoins #investment #cryptorally

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