Bandai Namco—the Japanese game publisher behind titles like Elden Ring, Dark Souls as well as retro classics like Tekken and Pac-Man—is continuing to conduct research and development in the mobile blockchain gaming sector for the Asia market. Bandai Namco’s SVP of Corporate Development Karim Farghaly shared his stance on blockchain’s potential role in video games as well as what the studio is exploring in the world of crypto in an interview with Decrypt at the Esports and Gaming Business Summit in Las Vegas this week. Farghaly shared that the publisher is looking into how blockchain integrations can fit into its mobile-focused business model. In Asia, less stigma around blockchain games means more activity, with far more large publishers in Japan and Korea actively developing blockchain games than in the western world. Bandai Namco has invested in Oasys, and Sega and Ubisoft have also committed to building projects on the Oasys chain. Farghaly sees a unique value proposition in blockchain games, specifically for whom he calls the “whales” of the gaming world. Farghaly also believes that the mobile gaming sector will lead the way. This is good news for the blockchain gaming sector since it means that larger companies are investing in blockchain technology and exploring how to integrate it into their business models. #BlockchainGaming #BandaiNamco #Crypto #MobileGaming

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