Freshman Mexican Senator Indira Kempis made headlines last year when she introduced a bill that would create of a central bank digital currency (CBDC ). Now, she has her eyes set on making Bitcoin an integral part of her political agenda. Kempis is a congresswoman from the state of Nuevo León, who after learning of obstacles entrepreneurs were facing, helped the group that later became Bitso, the largest exchange in the country. She set forth a bill, originally without any mention of Bitcoin or decentralized assets, as a first step towards establishing the necessary legal framework for the country to acknowledge Bitcoin as legal tender. After feeling backlash from the crypto community, Kempis modified the proposal to include Bitcoin. After a Bitcoin ATM was installed in the Mexican Senate, members of the Mexican congress and their teams are beginning to ask more questions. Kempis is looking for clear positions from the representatives to communicate to the Mexican public whether they are interested in this type of innovation. Despite the opposition from some politicians, Kempis is pushing forward her Bitcoin agenda and running for president in 2024. Despite her bullishness, she concluded, “It’s not a panacea.”

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