Parallel Studios is launching its first expansion to its namesake sci-fi trading card game, adding over 120 new NFT cards that can be bought in blind packs and traded before they debut in the game. Players can choose from three different card bundles: the Player Pack costs 0.018 ETH, the Collector’s Pack will cost 0.18 ETH, and the Collector’s Crate will set players back 1.6 ETH. In Parallel, gamers must choose between one of five different factions, create their own card decks, choose a “Paragon” or playable main character card, and battle enemies. The Collector’s Pack and Collector’s Crate will grant buyers “rare” cards as opposed to the basic player pack. The Planetfall Collectors Drop will occur on October 28th at 3PM EST. Parallel has already released over 1,200 different types of NFTs totaling nearly 6 million assets in total. Next week, Parallel will also release a new patch for its beta, which will offer players a battle pass, new cosmetic skins, and new game options. This is good news for fans of the game, as it provides new content and features for players to enjoy. #ParallelStudios #NFT #CollectorsDrop #Planetfall #ParallelTCG

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