Infamous hacker Denis Tokarenko, better known as Denis Katana, has been accused of helping an ex-Soviet organized crime ring launder vast amounts of money using Bitcoin. According to Spanish authorities, Maxim Khakimov, the Russian entrepreneur in charge of laundering money for the crime syndicate, recruited Katana to provide advice on how to buy Bitcoin and use it to cover up the organization’s tracks. Katana has been linked to various Bitcoin wallets, amassing a fortune upwards of 15,000 Bitcoin, although the judge last week only spoke about one digital wallet that holds 5,000 Bitcoin, worth roughly $55 million euros at the time of the criminal operations. Katana was first detained in 2018, according to local media, when he stood accused of a sophisticated computer program that attacked ATMs around the world.

This news reveals that a well-known cyber criminal has been using Bitcoin to launder money for an ex-Soviet organized crime ring. It is bad news, as it shows how cryptocurrency can be used for illegal activities, as well as the potential for money laundering.

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