Can machines really achieve the multifaceted intelligence that defines the human intellect? With GPT-3, its powerful new language model, OpenAI says it is closer than ever before. Sam Altman, the visionary CEO of OpenAI, shared his take on the trajectory of artificial intelligence, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. He suggested that AI models could require less training data and focus more on their reasoning capabilities, a shift that could lead to AI models that mimic human logic and intuition.

An AI able to reach such capabilities—the adaptability and common sense of a person—is broadly known as Artificial General Intelligence. ChatGPT marked a revolution in the industry, and GPT-4 and GPT-4V added even more fuel to the fire. From human-chatbot relationships to CEOs firing entire teams because AI chatbots do the same work for less money, the gap between what a human can do and what ChatGPT is capable of is narrowing.

OpenAI has dedicated itself to developing AGI, and its Large Language Models are just the beginning of this path. A huge dataset and deep learning from human language endow ChatGPT with intuitive understanding, abstraction and opinion-forming once thought impossible in AI.

This human-likeness is raising profound philosophical questions such as can intelligence exist without consciousness, and is there a “soul” behind the machine? Some scientists have even reported sparks of intelligence (human intelligence) in modern AI chatbots.

OpenAI also faces scrutiny around the data used to train AI models and is looking to ensure that the development of AI remains a collective endeavor. Looking to the future, Altman is bullish on the potential of AI and believes that AGI will be the best tool humanity has yet created.

Yet, as AI continues its march towards mimicking human reasoning, ethical and philosophical debates arise. Altman emphasized OpenAI’s commitment to ensuring that AI’s development remains a collective endeavor, involving various stakeholders. The philosophical stakes only grow as ChatGPT and the whole AI ecosystem evolves.

So while GPT-4 amazes with its human-esque cognition today, greater questions loom about the ghost in the machine—and who exactly is shaping the soul of OpenAI’s creation.

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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