God Mode is a series from Decrypt’s GG that provides an authoritative look at hot topics in gaming. Having too much choice can be a scary thing, and with Starfield there is far too much to cover in one article. Here is a list of meaty quests that take you all over the galaxy and will give you tons of stuff to do. The game’s main questline introduces you to one of the game’s major mechanics—Space Powers. There is also a questline called Deep Cover that will introduce you to UC SysDef, a subset of the Vanguard, and you’ll join the pirates as a mole and have to choose whether to stick with them or betray them. The First Contact questline feels a bit like finding a Vault-Tec Vault and in the Groundpounder mission you get to talk to some fun, well-written characters. Staying in the Sol system, you should stop by Saturn’s moon, Titan and take care of the Brownout quest to get a great outfit. Lastly, Operation Starseed is a quest you’ll encounter much later into your Starfield adventure, and there is a distant space settlement that was obviously some weirdo’s idea of a fun experiment.

This article provides an overview of the great questlines in the game Starfield, from the main questline to companion quests to Deep Cover to First Contact to Groundpounder to Tourists Go Home to Operation Starseed. This list is great for those who may be locked up in choice paralysis when playing the game, as it provides some concrete options to work with. Each quest is unique and provides great rewards, from cash to armor to ships.

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