This week was a volatile one for the crypto industry with a flurry of announcements both real and apocryphal. A false tweet from Cointelegraph that TradFi asset management titan BlackRock had been approved to launch a U.S. Bitcoin spot ETF caused an intraday boost of 10% in Bitcoin’s price. The trial of disgraced FTX co-founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried continued apace with legal team’s delaying tactics and prevarication criticized by crypto analysts. Chinese blockchain journalist Colin Wu flagged up money flows at British exchange Bitrace and linked it to online gambling, scams, and money laundering. Tech journalist Joseph Cox of 404 Media promoted his new exposé about ACG, a notorious hacker group. Peter Johnson, the co-head of venture at Brevan Howard Digital shared ten takeaways from their new stablecoin report. Finally, the LBRY Protocol bid followers a final farewell due to a federal court ruling in July that it was liable for violating U.S. securities laws. #CryptoNews #BitcoinETF #MoneyLaundering #OnlineGambling #FTX #ACG #LBRYProtocol

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